Our Vision, Mission & Values


To create caring connected communities.


We will create community by providing innovative care and support solutions, through business excellence, that connect and enrich the lives of people of all ages and abilities at every stage of life.



We value the strengths and abilities of each person and who they are as a person. We show courtesy to everyone. We maintain relationships and respect confidentiality. We uphold professional boundaries and we look after our shared resources and property.


We value honesty and being straightforward and genuine in all our dealing with people. We will treat every person with dignity and respect. We will be sensitive to diversity and difference. We will resolve interpersonal conflicts in a timely and respectful manner. We will promote positive working relationships and a spirit of collegiality.


We value the opportunity to work together toward a common goal and a common purpose. We look for opportunities to work collaboratively and in partnership. We recognise and value the strengths and expertise of other workers and services and work with them to improve outcomes for all in our community. We make our knowledge, skills and resources available to others, both within and outside our organisation.


We value following through on decisions and promises we make – we do what we say. We are enthusiastic about bringing our energy and skills into the workplace. We value determination and persistence in achieving our goals. We celebrate when we overcome obstacles and recognise when people accomplish something they have set out to do through their skills, practice, perseverance or exertion.


We value dreaming of what’s possible! We value and look for innovative and different ways to do our work more effectively. We value imagination, experimentation and fun in serving our community.