Childcare the Government and You

The Australian Government offers two types of financial assistance to help you with childcare costs: the Child Care Rebate and the Child Care Benefit.

The Child Care Rebate is not income tested so you may be eligible to receive this rebate even if your family income is too high to receive the Child Care Benefit.

The Child Care Benefit is income tested and is usually paid directly to child care providers to reduce the fees that eligible families pay.

To be eligible for CCB you (as a parent or guardian) must:

  • have a child in your care who meets the immunisation requirements

  • meet residency requirements

  • have the liability to pay for the cost of your child care

  • and your child attends CCB approved or registered care service.

  • The amount of CCB you can receive depends on:

  • your income

  • the type of care you use (approved or registered)

  • the amount of care you use

  • the reason you are using care

  • the number of children you have in care.

You can find out more on the MyChild website.