Parent Information

Please find following the latest information from our Children's Services. Please click here to download the Children’s Services Family Handbook

Vacation care

Vacation care is approaching again and we have had a lot of families asking about our Christmas program. Our vacation care program will hopefully be out to the schools by next week along with our enrolment forms on offer at the site. Please ensure you’re before and after school care account is paid up till the end of term prior to booking into vacation care. No spots will be secured unless payment is made in full at the time of your booking.

Daily journals

We would like to announce that our educators are keeping with technology and typing our journals on to a PowerPoint presentation which will be played each afternoon. Please ensure you have a look at your child’s daily adventures and experiences through our slides. Due to our new framework we are now encouraged to sue certain terminology and link our journals back to learning outcomes which shows your child’s development. If you have any questions regarding this p[lease don’t hesitate to ask us as this is a new process.


If you would like your child name to be added to our homework list each afternoon please see staff. We can then encourage your child to sit quietly with our staff and get a start on their weekly homework; especially to the families who arrive late each evening homework can be sometimes hard to fit it in at home in the evening.

Signing your child in and out

Please ensure you always sign your child in and out each day. This is a legal requirement. If you have other family members or friends coming to pick your child up please do not assume we will know them when they arrive, please inform staff in ample time so staff can check their identification.
Under no circumstance will the service release a child without the parent/carers permission.


Please remember that all fees need to be 2 weeks in advance at all times,keeping in mind that each term a $10 dollar per family term fee will be added to your account.Failure to keep on top of your fees will mean you are at risk of losing your position at Before, After and Vacation Care.

To book your child in for Vacation care all before and After school care fee’s must be paid up till the end of term. There is still some vacation Care fees owing due to percentages changing or children went over their eligible hours for that week. These statement will either be sent out or given to you on site.

2016 enrolment packages

are now out please feel free to ask our friendly Educators for one during your next visit. We can also email these out if you prefer this option please let us know and we will do this at our nearest convenience