Children’s Services Philosophy

Coast Community Connection's Children’s Service’s philosophy is guided by the children’s, families and educator’s input, ideas and belief systems.

Our philosophy, like our program, fosters children’s wellbeing, development and learning through recreational experiences and learning.
Our outcomes and our centre philosophy combine to reflect on and to promote children’s opportunities for being, belonging and becoming guided by ‘My Time, Our Place Framework for School Aged Children in Australia’.

The children’s Journey at our children’s services is encouraged by-

  • Promoting through our program the importance of play where children learn at their own pace through involvement, given opportunities to create, explore, experiment and be active. We encourage all children to practice new and emerging skills and to interact with others whilst being engaged in various experiences.

  • Supporting children to collaborate together to provide play and leisure experiences that are meaningful to children.

  • Providing a healthy environment where we encourage a flexible program of activities that promotes play and involvement for all children as well as a strong sense of wellbeing and belonging.

  •  Providing nutritional breakfasts and afternoon teas, as a part of our program, to foster the children’s sense of health and wellbeing.

  •  Building secure, trusting, caring and a fun environment for children and their families by consulting with them, encouraging their involvement in the centre and by role modeling fairness and respect to the children.

  • Understanding that all of the Peninsula Community Centre’s stakeholders are unique with their own individual interests, abilities, beliefs, customs and cultures.

  • Showing support through to the children, families and staff by providing information, guidance, training and referral.

  • Ensuring children connect with their community through centre involvement through planned excursions, incursions and special events.

  • To build apon the children’s interest through our program through projects and interest area’s where children, educators and families can all learn together.