FAQs - Gambling Solutions

How much does it cost?

All our servicers are free. We are funded by NSW state government through the Responsible Gambling Fund.

Do I have to have gambling problem to get help?

No. We help anyone affected in anyway by gambling. You don’t have to be a problem gambler. You may know someone who’s having trouble with their gambling and need help in assisting them, or you may just want to know more on the subject.

How many sessions can I have?

That’s up to you and your specific needs. We are here to help in any way that suits you. We work in partnership with you to help you get the results you are after. Some people need help with delicate and complicate matters that require time to resolve while others only require basic information. You decide when you’ve reach your goal.

What about my family? We’re all being hurt by excessive gambling.

Compulsive gambling affects more than just the gambler. We often work with the entire family to help resolve the many complex problems that relate the addiction.

What if I don’t want to quit, can you still help me if I want to keep gambling?

Yes. Remember, we are here to help you in whatever way you want. Although most of our clients see us to stop gambling, if you want to keep gambling we can help you do so in a controlled and safe way.

I don’t want counselling but I need help with financial matters. Can you help in other ways?

Yes. We can offer help with financial counselling, self-exclusion from gaming venues and referral to free legal help. We can also give you information and resources on quitting or controlling your gaming.

Why would I go to you when I can see a Psychologist paid through Medicare?

Gambling Solutions are a team of highly qualified and experienced therapists that specialise exclusively in the complexities of gambling addiction. We offer a suite of services that only NSW gamblingHELP services can provide.