Featured News & Events

Coast Community Connections' Peninsula Community Centre is pleased to welcome back Rosemary Blundo – Grimson who will present Ageless Grace, a brain health program that’s intended to stimulate the brain while exercising the body. Designed to be practiced in a chair for safety and stability, this program can be adapted for just about anyone.

Coast Community Connections is excited to welcome Autism Spectrum Australia’s, Building Tots Playgroup. Building Tots playgroup is for families with children aged 2 - 4 years who are not yet enrolled in an early childhood setting.


ACoast Community is proud to have served the local community for 45 years, and we continue to do so through the current COVID-19 crisis.


Coast Community Connection's Peninsula Community Centre is currently closed in line with the lates government guidelines. To continue to assist the community we've collated a list of Crisis & Support Services on the Peninsula which are available as at 26.3.2020.